Jan 6, 2009

I'm going crazy: Britney Spears circa 1999

Initially I was going to write a letter to Chuck Bass. I know, I know, I'm slightly Gossip Girl obsessed. Okay. Fine. More than slightly.
But I decided not to. On account of the fact that it would be more than a little psycho writing a letter to a fictional character.
Plus, if my mother taught me anything, it was to never throw myself at boys. (Which I don't. See, I'm more of play-so-hard-to-get-people-will-think-you've-got-an-ice cube-for-a-heart-type of girl. Except I don't. I would just rather spend my time pining for book and tv characters.)
You know when you tell someone you're not talking to them? But than you talk to the person next to them really, really loud, but only because you want them to hear?
Yeah. That's what I've just done.
Except for the fact that Chuck Bass will not hear because Chuck Bass does not exist.
And I am stopping right here because even I realize how ridiculous this has all gotten.

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Shu said...

lol I don't think you're crazy x3 I'm thinking of writing a letter to a charcter I'm in love with >_>;; lol I might do that... Aww, that kinda hard-to-get is bad O_O Don't throw yourself at them, but at least flirt a little? lol I dunno. Don't take my adivce. I'm a lesbian. I don't know what I'm talking about Lol.