Jan 20, 2009

Dear Barack Obama,
Wow. I don't even know where to start. You're no longer president-elect, but President. Wow times infinity. This is beyond anything I've ever experienced before. I volunteered at the Campaign for Change, you know. Me and my best friend. We walked around in the cold and knocked on doors. We got praises and 'keep up the good works', plus we got doors slammed in our faces and dogs set on us, but it was okay. It really was. Because I believed in you. Because I liked the way I felt after listening to you speak. Cuz I felt like I knew you, and you knew me. Because I felt like you cared about me. And I was too scared to believe that you could win. But you did, and I cried and cried and cried. I was so proud, you don't even understand. It was our victory.
And today it was made official.
B.Boy, do right by us, please. I'm counting on you. I'm seventeen years young, and sometimes I'm scared to grow up because the world's retarded. But you give me hope. You show me that my dreams can come true. That in the great story that is America, I can have a chapter. If I want it. If I work for it. And I will.
You make me want to be better. So thank you. It means a lot.
I've got your back Mr. President, and I want to help you fix America.
Because together, we can do anything.



Shu said...

;___; My god, that was beautiful...

KB said...

That was amazing, I feel the exact same way. This proves that there is hope for a better and stronger America.