May 30, 2010

we've fallen on hard times

when I said there was nothing
I wanted more than the job

I lied.

what I meant to say
was that I’ve fallen on hard times
and I can’t take the sound
of her belly
growling at me angrily

and the walls start closing in..

bring down the walls
walls covered in peeling sky blue wallpaper
kick down the doors
the barricades
that keep out the sunshine
open the blinds
watch the dust flutter in the air
watch it settle like snow
open up the window

let in the world

hmmm. so i guess i'm a poet, now...?

May 24, 2010

we were never meant to be concrete

this is inspired by my lovely friend tsionah, and her most recent post (read her, she's fabulous.)

it isn’t you that makes my heart
against the thin bones of my ribcage
it isn’t you that makes my stomach
to the tune of your footsteps
it is the idea of the idea of you and me
like next June’s weather forecast
like shadows
and promises
like dreams
and fairytales
we are better off unfulfilled
unsullied by the world
because we could never be as sweet
as the idea of all the things we might be

May 15, 2010

requiem for redemption

"Why do poets think
they can save the world?
The only life I can save
is my own"
-Sherman Alexie: War Dances

So I may not be able to save you
And I wish I had something more to give you than twenty two cents, and stale bubblegum,
but I don’t/ all I have are these words, my blood stained journal, and a poem
so all my poems are for the world

I have so much to tell you/but no way to reach you
so I scrawl secret messages on the sand at the beach
so that the ocean can take my words to far away places
so that the ocean can take my words to little boys and girls
building sandcastles with red buckets on cloudy days

May 5, 2010

sometimes words fail

maybe it's that time of year, but i'm ready: ready to pack my bags, leave a goodbye note, and hit the road to anywhere but here. See, I don't care where the road takes me, as long as it takes me away. I am sick and tired of here, of now. The sun has come out, and I am awakening from the sleepy hibernation of winter, and realizing that it isn't the same anymore, nothing is the same anymore.
Everything looks different in the light. You look different in the light. I am different in the light.
So maybe I'll be back. Or more likely, maybe I will never leave, but I need you to know how badly I want to, I need you to know how badly I need to.

May 1, 2010

the soles of our shoes used to be worn from jumping rope, and now they are worn because we're walking to a better life

happy may day, world.
my voice is gone, my arms are sore (because i'm lazy and i don't work out, so two hours of holding up a sign is extremely taxing), and i can't walk anymore, but i marched and marched and marched.
for those who've passed.
for me.
for you.
for those to come.

karen finneyfrock is fabulous (not just because of her bad ass name). this is "newer colossus" (she's speaking from the POV of the statue of liberty fyi).
be love<3