Apr 24, 2010

a thing or two about me

this is just in case you are wondering because i do. wonder, that is. all the time, about all kinds of people.

1) I spend most of my time losing things or looking for things I've lost, or looking for things I haven't even lost because when you lose things as often as I do, if you can't find something you automatically assume it's lost.
2) Aladdin was my first real love. Followed by Tarzan, and then Tuxedo Mask. Not even kidding.
3) I think RPrattz looks like an alcoholic homeless man.
4) Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, whatever the hell she calls herself these days annoys the hell outta me. I don't know why. Sometimes I wish I was famous just so I could not be friends with her.
5) I'm considering breaking up with Chuck Bass to be with Damon Salvator.
6) I'll admit that I'm slightly delusional.


Apr 10, 2010

dreaming in black and white

so maybe once a long, long time ago i defined my future by my dreams. and now that my dreams have changed i have no idea where to go from here.
sometimes i wonder how i got where i am. how do any of us get where we are?
and most importantly, how do we figure out where to go from here?
from here to there- it seems like it shouldn't be so hard, but it is. i'm ready to move on, but i'm afraid of taking that first step. it's like a false step on a staircase, and i'm afraid.
i am afraid.