Nov 8, 2008


Hey there sweet thing :]
In case you haven't noticed I've given up on this whole blog-a-day thing. Now all I have to do is unsuscribe from their mailing list. They send me like ten emails a day dangit! Seriously. My inbox is flooded.
Yes, yes, I am exaggerating. In case you don't know by now, I'm prone to that. I like to keep things interesting, shoot me.
So I'm pretty good at getting to Drivers Ed on time. Well, when my dad takes me. And it's not even that I'm a punctual person, it's more due to the fact that he wakes me up at 6:00. In the morning. Even though my class starts at 9:00.
My mother on the other hand has always been a little on the late side. She tries to be on time, I swear, it just never works out. So today she dropped me off at 9:10 which was both good and.... not good.
On the plus side I made everyone's day with my fabulous enterance. Seriously. You should've seen the looks on their faces. You woulda thought they'd died and gone to heaven, I swear. 
And the other hand, the only seat left was right smack in the middle of two kids that didn't brush their teeth. So for three hours I was forced to breath through the sleeve of my Northface and inhale the Ralph Lauren Romance perfume I sprayed on my pulse points that morning. 
So from now on I must carry around a pack of gum to save other people the misery of walking around with stinky breath. For their sake, and yes, selfishly, for my own. 
Because there is only so much bad breath a girl can take.

Nov 5, 2008

Freeing our Minds

At first I wasn't sure I wanted to write about the election, but I've (obviously) changed my mind.
Why should I censor myself? Did I not take an oath to write faithfully and above all honestly?
Today my fellow bloggers and blog-readers, is November Fifth. And yesterday we made history.
All men are created equal has become a fact today, not just a sweet melody sung on a bad day.
Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation freed us from the shackles around our wrists that bound us to this land, and yesterday when America declared Barack Obama the President-Elect, our souls were freed from the oppression of our own low morale and the weight of even lower expectations.
Today we are in body and spirit and mind free.
I watched him on TV breath held in nervous anticipation, barely daring to believe him when he said: Yes we can.
And last night as I listened to him speak, same as I have over the last few months, I looked at his face with reverence, disbelief, humility, and awe and answered:
You were right.
Yes we did.

Nov 3, 2008

I have a dream part 2

oh em gee.
This blog-a-day thing is actually kinda hard!
After a long hard day of campaigning by Barack Obama's side (hahaa. Seriously, I freakin wish.), I mean making phone calls and being hung up on, I am exhausted!
Not to mention the fifty billion math problems I have to do before tomorrow.
Slight exaggeration.
But tomorrow is election day and I'm excited and nervous and slightly nauseous.
I am suffering from Post-traumatic election anxiety disorder.
Google it, I did not make that up, I swear.
You would think I was running for president. My palms are constantly sweaty, my stomachs churning, I haven't eaten for days...
I kid, I kid.
But seriously.
Years from today this entry will be a documentation of a historical event.
A moment in time captured by yours truly.
(Please edit!)
But tomorrow will be the day America really proves herself to me.
Show me your true colors.
I can't help but wonder: Tomorrow night at this time, will our president be black?
Or, more accurately, can our president be black?
I've noticed that people are afraid of change. Weather it's good or bad.
So tonight as America holds her breath I pray silently:
Do not let us down.
For too long the American Dream has seem so illusive and suddenly, there it is, withing reach.
America, grab on and hold on for dear life.
Can we do it?
We most certainly can.
Will we do it?
Only time will tell.

Nov 2, 2008

It's like a holiday, only more work.

National Blog Month?
Really? Is there such a thing?
Yes. And I am celebrating.
Really, what else did you expect?
I am certainly not one to back down from a challenge.
Whine a little, suffer out loud, maybe. But back down?