May 24, 2010

we were never meant to be concrete

this is inspired by my lovely friend tsionah, and her most recent post (read her, she's fabulous.)

it isn’t you that makes my heart
against the thin bones of my ribcage
it isn’t you that makes my stomach
to the tune of your footsteps
it is the idea of the idea of you and me
like next June’s weather forecast
like shadows
and promises
like dreams
and fairytales
we are better off unfulfilled
unsullied by the world
because we could never be as sweet
as the idea of all the things we might be


tywo said...

This is beautiful.
Sometimes, we don't really love. it's the idea of love.


jamila said...

in love with the idea of being in love, huh? thank you <3

Tsionah N said...

Inspiration huh? haha thanks!