Jan 1, 2009

New Years Cheers? No, no. New Years Tears, you idiot. Hmph. Well that wasn't very nice.

For some reason New Years makes me sad.
I don't know why, but it happens every year.
You see, I usually spend New Years on the coach watching the ball drop in New York, my home sweet home. Well, not really. Errr.... fine. Not at all. But still. I've adopted it, you could say.
I even call my look New York inspired. My mom calls it radical, over the top, and sometimes, uhhhhgulyyy. Rude, I know. 
So every New Years I think about how uneventful the last year was. And how I'm not famous yet, nor have I saved the world. I haven't even STARTED saving the world, and it makes me sad. Because I've missed out on an entire year. 
My mother says that I'm only seventeen and that I can save the world when I'm all grown up. 
She's forgetting that I'm not very patient, and I really can't wait that long.
So 2009 will be my year. I'm absolutely determined that next New Years eve I will be thinking about all the people I've helped, and books I've written, and shows I've starred in, and I'll be content because at least I have done something.
The only problem is that I have no idea where to start.

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Shu said...

Hmm... I'm the same way, a little bit. Why don't you start with what you're good at? If you're good at cooking, then cook tasty meals for people :) OR, something around there, haha. I'm not famous yet, either, so I don't know if my advice is good or not.