Jan 11, 2009

Have you noticed they never tell you public speaking is dangerous?!

I'm taking a speech class.
Pause and let that sink in.
And, wait for it, my first college speech is TOMORROW!
Sure it's just an introduction speech, and I must admit it's kind of an ego-booster since I know more about myself than anyone else in that class, but STILL!!
It starts with butterflies. No, butterflies makes it sound pleasant. It starts with rabid raccoons clawing at my insides. Than I get up in front of the class and even though I look totally fabulous and confident (what? it's an act i've perfected for years!) I'm dying inside. I swear, I feel like I'm suffocating. I'm choking on my own words, and then, wait what? They're clapping. I'm done. What?! I'm still alive? And they're oblivious to the fact that I was inches away from meeting my maker.
Gosh. People are just so oblivious.
I'm sure it'll get me one day. So if I don't survive tomorrow, dear faithful readers, please keep my legacy of fabulosity alive. ie: Print out the pages of my blog, photocopy them, and pass them out.
But if the speech demons don't get me, and I end up defying death again, although I find it unlikely, I'll try and resolve my public speaking issues.
Seriously. I do plan on being famous and all.

ps) listen to my current favorite song! i've listened to it 436326836+ times already. So I'll probably be sick of it tomorrow. And I know it's solja boy ! And I'm totally against top 40 stuff because it's all so meaningless, but I couldn't help myself! It's the fairytale loving, happy ending seeking, sweep-my-off-my-feet-and-write-pretty-sings-about-me teenage girl in me, I apologize.


Shu said...

Ey, good luck. I wish I could fake like you! I choke everytime I have to speak in front of people and I stutter and it's horrible >< GL chica!

Shu said...

Ah, ty for your comment too ^-^ You have no idea how much better that makes me feel. Thank you very much <3