Jan 5, 2009

Normal people don't like pain.

I'm sick :/
I woke up at four this morning with the worst stomach ache ever, followed by hours of porcelain worship.
TMI, I know.
I am exhausted. My tummy hurts. I missed my first day of classes. But above all, I am not allowed to eat anything. I'm only allowed to drink "clear liquids". So now I am angry.
Because nothing stands between me and my food.
Oh wait, wait!
Gossip girl is on tonight :)
Two words: Chuck Bass.
What was that I said about feeling sick...?
Gossip girl (or more specifically, Chuck, Nate, and Dan): A cure for what ails you.

1 comment:

Shu said...

Haha! I hope you feel better soon! And if the meds don't work, you could always hope for a Gossip Girl Marathon. ^-^