Jan 18, 2009

you can't hate something till you try it. in that case i guess you can't love something till you try it either.

I have kind of a problem.
Did you wonder if maybe I was a closet gambler? Or that maybe I snort coke during bathroom breaks?
Why so serious?
That was a completely irrelevant Dark Knight reference. And now I'm thinking about Heath Ledger. And now I want to cry :(
I'm easily sidetracked. That's another problem.
But, not that problem I'm talking about.
You see, I tend to fall in love with things before I ever really try them.
Let me explain.
A few months ago I saw Leighton Meester in a pair of pumps, and I decided I loved them. I mean really, really loved them. Until I got a pair of my own that are now in a box somewhere under my bed.
After a few seasons of Top Model, I realized that my true calling in life was modeling. Thank God, I came to my senses and realized that I would never subject myself to such blatant objectification.
A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to be 'geek chic.' (I didn't make that up. Google it.) I started wearing my glasses instead of my contacts. I wore my hair in (read: cute) ponytails and half buns. I read on the bus. Until I looked in the mirror and remembered why I never wore my glasses in public.
But my greatest passion, up till only a few days ago, was soccer. You see, I'd never actually played a game of soccer, or football as the Brits would call it, in my life. But I convinced everyone, myself included, that there was a professional soccer player inside of me, just waiting to kick a ball across a field. I was Mia Hamm. I was the girl version of David Beckham. Mmm. David Beckham. On topic. Stay on topic. Do not be distracted by talented, uber-gorgeous...
Until my PE teacher said we'd be playing soccer for the last 45 minutes of our Thursday class.
After tripping over the ball too many times to count, a head-butt gone wrong, and I kid you not- a ball kicked straight into my face( IT WAS ON PURPOSE I SWEAR IT WAS)- the PE teacher said I could sit out if I wanted to.
And that was the end of my "passion" for soccer.
ps) I've moved on to guitar and John Mayer. Oh yes. Most definitely John Mayer.
Now all I have to do is convince my parents to buy me a guitar, and convince JM that age is nothing but a number, and 14 years is really not a big deal.

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