Jul 30, 2008


So yesterday was M's (aunties husband) clinic test, I'm not sure what exactly but it was a 3 hour long test and me, I2 and my aunt went along for moral support.
Three long, tedious, boring hours in a quiet office building.
So the receptionist gave my baby brother some magnets to play with and I was so thankful for the entertainment.
That little baby on the left took me 45 minutes to make. But I am not a quitter and I did it!

&& yes I know how ridiculous it is to feel proud of building a magnetic star. I was desperate! What can I tell you?

So anyways uncle M passed his test so he gets his lab license. And I was just so estatic for him! I honestly think I would have cried if he had failed. I'm just compassionate, hey.

Just an update on my feature film worthy life :] Anyways I'm gonna go watch JD in Pirates of the Carrrr.2 and thaaat=the perfect afternoon.


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