Jul 25, 2008


la de da deee daaa.
Not much going on today.
Woke up, ate, sat on the couch and watched TV, ate some more.
I seem to be doing a lot of that.
I'll probably gain 15 pounds this summer alone :
So I started my summer reading two days ago?
With a title like Great Expectations, I was reaaally expecting something great.
But noooooo.
Like a teacher could ever assign summer reading that was actually interesting.
It's like against their religion or something.
So I'm bored out of my mind, slowly wasting away.
You know the feeling? When you fall asleep on the couch a half dozen time even though you're not tired?
Not much else to say.

1 comment:

ayan said...

poooooooooor u
im having the time of my lifehope it gets beter jamila