Jul 25, 2008

Face in the mirror

Waiting, just waiting
I looked in the mirror today,
Failed to recognize the face that stared back at me,
And I wondered
Maybe even spoke aloud,
When did this happen?
I turned away but the image
Of the stranger in the mirror haunted me
And however I tried to avoid the thought
It was around every corner,
I couldn’t escape it
Being stalked inside my own head,
Couldn’t escape it
No matter how fast I ran
There I was, there I was
I could run away from all my problems
But this I couldn’t escape
I couldn’t run away from myself
No matter how fast, no matter how far
So I returned to the mirror
And looked closely
And if I looked hard enough I could see who I used to be
Underneath the surface
Out of focus
But there.
Beneath the fake persona and the plastic smile,
Just waiting, waiting.
More patiently then any one has ever waited before.
Its me waiting for me.
Waiting for me to realize that I was never lost
But there all along.
Just waiting.
Until I was ready to become
Who I was always meant to be.

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