Dec 22, 2009

i'm a woman of action

On March 30th the moment I've been daydreaming in class waiting for will finally come.
I'm not a raving, insane fan or anything. I've only mentioned him once. Or twice. Or three times. Or, anyways that's besides the point.
The point is that I have never been to a concert before. I know, I'm deprived. Blame my parents.
But this isn't just a concert to me. It's a first date chance to hear all the words in the bottom of my soul through the guitar. It's a chance to hear feelings, and see art, and for a few hours lose myself in the beauty of truly inspiring music. My parents, worrywarts that they are, are terrified to let me go. I don't know what they think could possibly happen at a JM concert. Maybe a deranged fan will choke me with her John Mayer tshirt?
Or smack me over the head with her guitar?
The point is I must go to this concert. It's vital.

And maybe in the back of my mind I've imagine us locking eyes through the haze and maze of people, and there will be something about me that won't allow him to look away. He'll croon the rest of the songs, not taking his eyes off me, and I'll nod my head because I also feel the connection between us. And then when his concert is over he'll find me, and even if he thinks I look a little young I'll assure him that I am perfectly barely legal, and that age is nothing but a number.
Because what are numbers in the face of true love?

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Amanda said...

I'm so jealous! Even though I've already seen John Mayer in concert twice, I would die to see him again!!! He's amazing and his new album is so great! *sigh* I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly!!!