Dec 17, 2009

pool and purpose

Yesterday my mom's boss had a holiday party at her house, and since my mother didn't want to go alone she asked me to come, and since I didn't want to go alone (I know wtf. why are we so needy?) I asked my friend D. to come. (More on her later).
And at first it was extremely awkward if you consider the fact that on the Age Spectrum that goes from 0 to 100 me, D, and my mother are closer to Zero, while all her coworkers (or the majority of them) are closer to 100.
She's young, don't tell her I said that or she'll go on about it for weeks.
My mother was completely in her element, I'm guessing that's why she ditched us, but that's another story.
Me and D. filled our plates with shrimp and cheescake (what!? It's all going to the same place!) and sat in a corner by ourselves whispering about what all the old ladies and men were wearing. What?! I told you, I was closer to 0!
My mom's boss has a daughter who is only a year younger than us, and this daughter has a boyfriend, and we started talking to them after we got sick to death of being asked how school was going, and what our purpose in life was.
And they were nice! And we ended up having fun, and I ended up embarrassing myself by attempting to play pool. I'm actually a pro at pool, I was just a little rusty ;)
Fine. You're right.
I'll admit it:
I don't know how to play pool. I fail at life.
See, I thought it was going to be like in the movies. Insanely hot girl walks in, grabs pool cue and holds it like a natural, leans forward gracefully as opposed to banging elbow on edge of pool table, her lustrous, wavy, silky hair cascades down her back, and everyone can't help but envy how jet black it is (this actually happened, give or take a few adjectives), and the striped ball plummets into the pocket.
Let me just tell you, it was nothing like in the movies.

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Amanda said...

Haha...I can't play pool either. And that totally sounds like my mother lol