Dec 14, 2009

decisions, decisions

First day of winter break started out AMAZING! If you ever need a slave housekeeper, I am more than qualified.

Not that I'm complaining or anything.
It's just that Blair Waldorf probably never had to wash dishes.
Not that Blair Waldorf exists.


On the Macy's website I noticed this beautiful, fabulous, gorgeous jacket, and my heart skipped a beat. Literally. And then I realized it was 75 bucks (give or take a dollar or two). And I remembered that I was supposed to be saving money. But then I realized that life is short, and that when life hands you an opportunity, you must take it. Plus, I spend at least 75 bucks a week month on food.
Fellow interneters, when happiness (or a fabulous coat) is within reach, seize it with both hands. Life is short, winter only comes once a year, so spend do what makes you happy :]
lalalalla tis the season and all....


Brenda said...

buy the coat :]

J. said...

i did :] and it is FABULOUS!