Jul 1, 2009

heavy footsteps

I hate feeling like there is so much to do and not doing anything.
I don't like it here anymore.
This house is too small for me, and the walls, the purple painted walls, are closing in on me.
Back up. Please back up. I am not ready for such discontent.
Leave me to my own devices.
The windows taunt me, the door calls to me, and the road beckons my feet come closer.
It's that easy.
Walk off into the sunset, hitchhike your way to freedom, and don't look back.
Carry your past in your heart. I cannot promise you that you will not miss it because you certainly will. Even as you march on to freedom your footsteps will be heavy with the weight of what you have left behind.
Choose wisely, little one.
There are no second chances.

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