Jul 22, 2009

fly away birdy, the open sky beckons you come hither

Sometimes I think that everyone's stupid and I'm the only person around with any kind of sense. No one thinks for themselves, no one dresses the way they want, everyone is content drawing within the lines. I want to scream in the middle of the night when it's quiet, listen when it's loud outside, sit on the roof and count the cars that go by, write my name on my bedroom walls with permanent pen..
And I think maybe I'm crazy because all the people I know do what they're told, nod absently, laugh politely.
I want to listen to what you're saying and shake my head when I disagree.
I want to laugh out loud and maybe even snort a little when you say something funny.
I want to live without abandon, love without abandon, do everything completely.
Let's kick off our shoes and run through the parking lot. Let's cut our hairs and play like little boys. Let's turn up the heat and open all the windows, and mix sugar in our milk.
Let's bring the me and you we keep under pillows out to play, and slip into the skin we hide from the rest of the world. Let's be who you and me want to be, and let's give them back the people they made us.

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Shu said...

The world would be a beautiful place if everyone was like this. You have a very beautiful veiw <3