Jul 20, 2009

purples the color of royalty i hear!

for any other teenager in the world this is a perfectly normal thing to do. ummm, hello have you seen anything i've ever written?
my mother is uber conservative, uber traditional, uber everything i'm not.
so i did it.
granted, it was just my bangs, but it made me feel good! Like I was, i don't know, living?! I may regret this in a week or so but oh well. At least I did it.
Ahaaaahaha, I know I sound lame, but you know that's why you love me :)
Chase your dreams! Dye your hair, change your wardrobe, cut your bags.
Do whatever you want, and who cares what they say.
At the end of the day, you only answer to yourself.
Don't go to sleep with a heart full of unanswered questions and a pocket full of unchased dreams.
Good night world :)


Shu said...

YAY! I'm so proud of yoooou! Hehe, It's so cool that you dyed your hair! It's really pretty! I'm jealous!

Your mom didn't get mad at you or anything?

Shu said...

That's an awesome philosophy! I should live by that, hehe. Maybe I'd get out and do more things, hehe. And who knows? Maybe it'll make her a little more open to new things!