Jul 15, 2009

the great perhaps and other things

i finished reading tuesdays with morrie, and i would really appreciate it if you would read it.
there are a handful of books that will rock you to your core, cut you open so deeply and force you to analyze whats inside of you, and this is one of those books.
it made me realize that i want to be something more. i have taken a zillion breaths and a billion steps to nowhere and back, and i still don't know where i'm going.
you want to know why i started blogging?
because i'm terrified of being forgotten. i am terrified that once i die people will mourn me for a few months, and then i will only come up in casual conversation around the holidays. and then after that not at all. it will be like i never existed.
i don't want to be forgotten. i am so scared that i will live only to realize once i'm dying that I never truly did. i want to get up off my lazy ass and make my dreams come true, but to be completely honest i wouldn't even know where to start.
so i stay here in my head where it's comfortable and safe, and i never venture out.


Brenda said...

i feel the exact same way about being forgotten. but its not so much that i'm worried about people forgetting me as it is the words that i've written and collected and the art that i've found.

Shu said...

You've gotta take that chance, though! Be what you've always wanted to be! The exec of that company, or the lead designer of that fasion line, or the novelist of those amazing books!

Don't wait too long or you'll regret the time you did. Use it while you can and MAKE yourself be remembered :)