Jun 28, 2009

Revelations over late night Ramen

I'll be a senior in high school next year, but it isn't the right of passage you think it is. On account of the whole early college thing and all.
The thing is that next year I'll be applying to universities as a transfer student with two years of college already under my belt.
I never thought college was an option. You graduated high school, you went to college, you got a job, end of story. But I'm begining to question everything lately, and I'm wondering why I have to follow the same road as everyone else.
There is more to life than SAT scores, and Intro to Lit classes. Academia is an institution we have created to make ourselves feel important.
Why do we pour our entire lifesavings into an institution of higher learning? What is it we learn in college that is so damn important anyways?
Traveling the world, interacting with people of different cultures, reading books seem like more logical ways of learning about our world.
College shrinks the world down into a powerpoint presentation and a million useless theories.
Theory without experimentation will get you nowhere in life.
College is overrated.
And I am so glad I finally realized this.
Mind you, this dosen't mean I won't be attending college.
This just means I'll be able to be cynical about it if I decide to go.
My mother says this is the argument stupid people make that are fully aware of the fact that they will never get into college.
I just thought I'd point out that I am far from stupid.

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Brenda said...

your two most recent reads are on my top 5 list. Looking For Alaska is my number 2 favorite book in the whole world, after perks of being a wallflower. If you like Jodi Piccoult, you she read The Pact, if you haven't already.