Jun 9, 2009

I taste summer on my tongue

Just one more week of school until it's officially summer vacation.
There's something so special about summertime: it's a mixing of hope and potential that comes in a basket of early morning sunshine and fresh grass.
It's the chance to be who you really are, away from the drudges of schoolwork and annoying classmates. It's all the possibility that's in eight hours of sunshine that was never there before. January is not the mark of the new year, our calendars revolve around summer, and when the time comes, the alarm clocks in our souls sing simultaneously.
Summer- six letters, two syllabus, and countless possibilities.
Maybe I'll dye my hair pink, go on a hike, change up my style, meet amazing people- who knows? And it's the not knowing that makes it all the more exciting.
The sun is up, the birds are chirping, and the faint buzz of the lawnmower penetrates the walls. It is summertime, child, be at peace.


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High School Girl said...

That is one rejuvenating post you have there. It makes me wanna get out and experience new things and just live it up!