Jun 21, 2009

Lists help me pretend I'm organized

I hate to say this is a list of thing to do before I die because that sounds incredibly morbid.
So let's call this a life list! Make your own, and be sure to let me know what you put on yours :)
Have a beautiful day!

1) Go to Mekkah
2) Spend a year abroad
3) Crash a wedding
4) Visit all 50 states
5) Write a book and get it published
6) Send a message in a bottle
7) Write a letter to the editor
8) Lay in bed all day
9) Sleep outdoors
10) Attend the Olympics
11) Skydive
12) Go skinnydipping
13) Hug someone random
14) Ride a camel in the desert
15) Be in the audience of a famous TV show
16) Sing in front of a large audience
17) Be in a play
18) Be a mentor
19) Shower in a waterfall
20) Start a youth group
21) Sleep under the stars
22) Pet a dog without being scared
23) Get a job
24) Save money instead of spending it
25) Scuba dive in Australia
26) Get in a Hot air balloon
27) Fall in love
28) Kiss a stranger
29) Visit all seven continents
30) Swim with dolphins
31) Go on an African Safari
32) Run a 10K race
33) Go to a college frat party
34) Read the entire Quran
35) Travel the Nile
36) Kiss in the rain
37) Kiss on the top of a ferris wheel
38) Do something nice for someone I don't even know
39) Go to Mall of America
40) Donate blood
41) Attend a peace rally
42) Attend a protest
43) Participate in a real debate
44) Learn how to drive
45) Get my license
46) Pass the AP Language exam
47) Get a B in chemistry
48) Pass a chemistry test the first time
49) Tryout for a sport
50) Workout and enjoy it
51) Go on a trip without parents
52) Get my bellybutton pierced
53) Stop connecting physical appearance with self worth
54) Say what I’m thinking
55) Tell the truth
56) Hold hands with someone
57) Read a Shakespearian drama
58) Read Socrates
59) Make a new friend
60) Stop myself from yelling
61) Tell the people I love that I love them
62) Find a best friend forever
63) Stand up for someone else
64) Host a party
65) Have a party in my honor
66) Slap someone
67) Have a song written about me
68) Inspire someone
69) Be inspired
70) Flirt shamelessly
71) Go to New York
71) Figure out what I want to do with my life
72) Finish what I start
73) Stop judging people
74) Drink more water
75) Get married
76) Go on a roadtrip with no predetermined destination
77) Find God
78) Keep in touch
79) Be more outgoing
80) Take a photography class
81) Take an acting class
82) Learn how to play guitar
83) Perform at a karaoke bar
84) Go to a masquerade
85) Be someone's bridesmaid
86) Dance in the rain
87) Get lost in California
88) Use SoCal in a sentance without sounding ridiculous
89) Get 100 followers on my blog
90) Be nice
91) Be vulnerable
92) Stop caring about what people think
93) Make a complete fool out of myself
94) Fly an airplane
95) Join the Peace Corps

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