Sep 23, 2008

A Whole New Worrrrlddd; a not-so-tribute to Aladdin. Although I give him major props

"You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy."

Girl, are you there? Cuz I know exactly how you must have been feeling. Except, in my case, it was more like: "J, you're not in high school anymore." 
Culture shock, much?
Uh, yeah?
So I know you're all dying to hear about my college experience
(yes, I know it's only been two days. Stop being such a party pooper!) And I'm sorry to have kept you, my loyal readers (thanks mom), waiting. But you know what they say. Good things come to those who wait.
Okay. Ready?
I love it! Just being there surrounded by adults that consider me their equal! Let's just say college is good for my ego. I mean, that's not why I'm there, of course. But it's a start :)

And the bus. It's kind of a funny story actually. Well, it's funny to me, and you can just smile politely and think in your head WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GIRL ON?!!? As long as you don't say anything out loud. All I ask is that you nod every once in a while, and keep that vacant grin plastered on your face.


As I was sitting in the little bus wait bench thingy, a gankly, awkward kid comes and sits next to me. I scoot until my butt is scrunched up against the edge of the bench, not to give him his space, but to preserve mine. Out of the corner of my eye I see him checking me out so I pull out my phone and pretend to look busy texting (note: my phone has no text), trying to avoid the polite, empty chit chat of strangers.

Him: Hi, what's your name.
Me: Uh... J. (I hesitate)
Him: Nice name.
Me: curt nod
Him: How old are you?
Me: finally tear my eyes away from the phone screen. Uh... 16.
Him: Oh, dangitt, you're underage. I'm 20.
Me: ignores strange man

Him: So what kind of music are you into.
Me: Uh. everything.
Him: You know, you look very nice today.
Me: offers a smile, rolls eyes in head. Thanks.
Him: No problem, you deserve it.

And the bus decided to breakdown so I had to endure 57 minutes of boring, unsolicited commentary. My neck is still sore from hunching over the phone, and my hip is bruised from having been wedged up against a metal bar.

The thing is, I wanted to tell him to save his breath. You don't have a chance, I wanted to say. To be honest, no one, unless they stab me with Cupid's arrow, has a chance.
And believe me, I have no problem letting people know that. It's just that he was being so nice, and he didn't warrant my normal Excussseeeeeee me? Do you know who I am? use it so often it should be patented, reply. I figured hey, today's his lucky day.
(Yes, my ego is slightly inflated. It's the side effect of a rockin outfit and a great day.)

And I (or rather, my parents) will invest in an ipod and a sound canceling pair of headphones.
And then I can use a line I've always wanted to, but never had the chance to, use.
I'm not antisocial. It's just you.

Good night, World.
It really is past my bedtime, and no matter how many times I ask you, you can't pause the sun and let me get in my much, much needed shut eye. So I have to sleep.

Much love,



High School Girl said...

Wow, thats a pretty funny story! I have to agree with you on the side affects of a rocking out and great day! Its definitely the truth! Great post!

Tori said...

Nice :-D You made me smile. I hope you're still blogging when you get stabbed by cupid's arrow. I think you'll write that really well, you've got a gift.

acute_disaster said...

Brilliant stuff!
What an interesting story.

Thanks for the comment on my end, by the way.
I'm happy you enjoyed it.


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