Oct 2, 2008

2+2= you have GOT to be kidding me

Math class.
Well, let me start off by saying that Eid was amazing yesterday :)
I wish I could have that feeling everyday.
But that would kind of defeat the purpose.
Where was I?
Oh yeah. 
Math class.
So I'm getting sick and I'm really, really tired and my head aches and my stomach is queesy but heaven forbid I miss 2 days of school in a row :| 
So I was annoyed and paying particular attention to every little thing that I normally wouldn't have noticed.
Like the kid in my math class that shpws up 15 minutes late EVERY class with a Big Mac and Soda. And then he has the nerve to come back 15 minutes AFTER break and then ask ME what he missed with his greasy cheeseburger breath.
And the teacher?! She is a total double-you-tee-efff. She talks in this loopy-dooo voice and floats around the room like she's high all class. Plus, she makes these corny jokes and THEN guffaws all by herself while we just stare at her like "uh. math? please?"
The things we go through for an education.   

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