Oct 17, 2008


Please don't ask me how many new people I've talked to, because I would lie. I would say five, even though it was only one guy that my teacher forced me to be in a group with. So I'm think that doesn't even count. He was one of those people that lovveee the sound of their own voice.
He was like Hey, and I was like Hi I'm Ja-
Well, I'm Ian.
Oh okay. Nice to meet you-
God this class is so long, don't you think?
Yeah it is extre-
I don't know if you agree with me or not, that's just my opinion.

And I just sat there for five minutes and listened to him talk to himself.
But it hasn't been a complete failure. 
I've been smiling at people more often.
I'm sure that counts for something, right?
I mean, I'm not really a snob? Because I'm nice! I'm one of the nicest people I know!
Except one people bump in to me and don't apologize or when someone says something I don't like or when... well that is all extremely irrelevant right now.
But I'm nice to whom I choose to be. And when I choose to be nice, I am verrry, verrry nice.
Well wish I could stay and chat but I have a bus to catch.
Damn Gossip girl and all their chauffeurs.

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Jenni said...

well atleast you atempted to talk to some one =] which means u recive a virtual chocolate chip cookie *gives virtual chocolate chip cookie* unless you don't like thoes then you can have one of these *holds out platter of many diffrent virtual deserts* i knw that is incredibly dorky of me. =]]