Oct 12, 2008

The Murder of the Butterfly

2 hours till drivers ed.
I COULD have been sleeping but my dad switched up the times so at 7 AM I was showered and ready to go when he tells me; "Sorry kiddo. Driver's Ed is at 11:30".
But it's okay because there is something oddly comforting about being up this early. Even though I'd rather be sleeping.
Today Mr.Instructor is taking me out on THE BIG ROADS!!
Yeah, seriously.
I mean I'm an amazing driver and it's really not that hard, I know. I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready. I've been waiting to drive since I was 15!
But why, why, why do I feel a tiny seed of doubt in the pit of my stomach that says, I can't drive! Are you kidding me? I can't driveeeee! ARE YOU ON A SUICIDE MISSION?!??! GET OUT OF THE PASSENGER SEAT THIS MINUTE!!
But that slightly panicky voice and the butterflies are quickly squashed by another little voice I call reason.
It tells me, "Get it girlfriend. You've been waiting for this moment since you realized driving=free. Kill those butterflies and OWN THAT ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish me luck World. And please don't honk.
Love, J..


Jenni said...

i totally understand what u mean about driving = freedom! i'm already driving with a learners permit and can't wait till i get my license! Good luck with drivers ed! =]

High School Girl said...

I just recieved my license. And right now its not much freedom cause my mother decided at last minute that my car isn't good enough. There is to much wrong with it. January I will have my own car. But enough gabbing about me don't be worried about driving just keep your eyes on the road at all times! Great post!