Feb 25, 2010

bucket list

i know what your thinking. another list, wtf. but it's not like that, i swear. as a writer i must explore all mediums and forms, and as you can tell i'm currently exploring lists and no capitalization.


if i was ever on miss america (which, by the way, i would totally win), and the judges asked me what i would like to see happen in the world before my time was up (yeah, did that make you think of a microwave timer, or a third grade multiplication test?) this is what i would say:
drum roll please...

- I would like to see Rob Pattinson brush his hair. At first he looked sexy messy, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Now his hair screams 'brush me' on a good day, and 'i'm an alcoholic' on bad days.

and that's all i got.
at least i tried although the effort was minimal

on a different note, anyone watch american idol?

it's lovelovelovelovelove.
hey cougar kara, back off!


tywo said...

I so agree with the Rob Patterson thing. I thought it was sexy at first, but now it's just too messy!

cat said...

nice blog.
rpatz needs more than a hairbrush.

J. said...

@tywo: hahah, i know.. i'm more than a little embarrassed to admit i jumped on the edward cullen bandwagon, but so, so, so proud to admit that i quickly jumped off.

@cat: agreed. a shower as well, perhaps ?