Feb 15, 2010

admit it, you love me anyways

hello world!
i'm sorry, school has gotten the best of me. there are three weeks left in the term, which is a little early to be playing catch up since i usually wait until finals week, but I have been unusually lazy busy this term.
The way I see it there is an entire world waiting to be saved, and doing my oceanography homework is not going to make a damn difference.
(Never take oceanography. I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was in third grade. Now I wish I could go back in time and choke myself.)
So here's a list because lists are a cop out good way of exploring one's identity...
Things I do that I would never admit anywhere but on the internet:
1) I sleep with my light on sometimes because I still think there's a monster under my bed (weird. i know)
2) Sometimes I talk shit about my friends (What? Everyone talks about everyone.)
3) I argue for the sake of arguing (sometimes I even argue when I know I'm wrong.)
4) When I say something brilliant in class I repeat it in my head all day (Word for word.)
5) I google people in my classes sometimes. And not in a stalkery way (The things you can find out on the internet nowadays...)
6) I walk like I'm hot shit, but secretly I'm absolutely terrified that I look like an idiot
7) I eat mac and cheese with ketchup. (Don't knock it till you try it.)
8) I hate being alone in my own head. It's absolutely terrifying.
9) I always thought life would be easier if I was a slut/partier/slacker stoner, so even though I talk shit about people like that, a small part of me secretly envies them
10) For some weird reason I automatically assume that every guy that looks at me wants to marry me. (Yeah. I'm not going to add on to this one...)
11) I develop romantic feelings for book and television characters. Like Prince Jonathan from the Song of the Lioness series. Or Damon Salvator (droool) from Vampire Diaries (I'm sure you now know why I would never tell these things to a soul. They'd put me in an asylum!)

any quirks of your own?


Anonymous said...

damon salvitor!! yummyyyyyyyy!! i feel the same way!

Amanda said...

Oh, yes on the last one! I've always had a crush on Dimitri from the animated version of Anastasia (well, I just love John Cusack!); and of course, there's Edward.
And I'm with you on the arguing for the sake of arguing. I seem to be making a habit of it with one of my friends that I've been so mad at lately. Every conversation with him lately turns into an argument, even when I know he's right. It's ridiculous. I should really stop doing that....not that I'm condemning you from doing it ;)

J. said...

hahahahaha OMG DIMITRI!!! Oh, I loved him. He might have been my first...
and we can agree to work on it ;) one step at a time, right?