Nov 24, 2009


uncertainty is a bitch.

on a lighter note, the quarter's almost over, which means i'm one step closer to graduation, one step closer to finishing the book i've finally started writing, one step closer to finding the answers, one step further away from the nothing that is now.



Nitin said...

and im one step closer to hanging myself cause i read this.. just kidding.
i guess the uncertainty is the void we need to keep on working to get fullfilled.

now what i said could be absolute nonsense or absolutely ingenious.

Anonymous said...

you're writing a book? :) wow
i just thought i'd drop by your blog... you left a comment on mine a while back soo... you know!

Brenda said...

thanks for the comment. :) would love to see the book you're writing, if you're up for sharing that is!