Nov 15, 2009

realizations on a rainy day

Sometimes I want to lay out all the pieces of myself on a table for you to see. I'm a rainbow, a run on sentence or two, your last piece of gum. The best listener. A raving bitch (I'm working on being less 'bitch' and more 'raving')
On any given day I am the fifth chapter in your favorite book. Known to you, but nothing to anyone else without the beginning and end.
Blue and red make purple (if i remember correctly), but I cannot be blue and red and purple all at the same time, yet I still want you to know I can be all three.
There are two sides to every story, a million sides to a girl, and I wish I could show you them all at once, but I can't.
I am the sum of my past, my mistakes, my favorite books, my workout playlist, and the cheesecake I ate too much of for dessert.
But then I realize that I am only human. That I can only wear one face at any given time. That I am a lot of things, and that you will see this with time.
But most importantly, that I have nothing to prove.

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Nitin said...

beautiful words. that lucky man how i envy him . :)