Feb 13, 2009

Guess whose back! back again. Shady, no, I mean J, not Shady! eminem refrences are so five years ago

I'm here, I'm alive, and I'm sorry I've abandoned you!
I already know what you're thinking:
if you can't keep us updated when you have nothing to do, you will totally forget about us when you're famous.
Not to worry folks, ease up. If, sorry, I meant WHEN I'm famous I won't be one of those snooty, not to mention skanky, celebrities that think they're, God forbid, better than you just because they have 156236 dollar purses. Ps. I would NEVER buy a purse that cost that much. It's a sign of insecurity, it screams: Hello, my name's _______, and I'm rich, and if you don't believe me LOOK AT MY BAG!!! I TOLD YOU I WAS RICH!!!
So where have I been?
Um, hello? Turn on the TV any given Tuesday/Wednesday night.
American Idol, duuuhhhhh.
I've decided to audition :) Seriously. So I've been singing nonstop since the season premier, and my mothers been, kindly, mind you, asking me to shut up.
Mother's, man.
And I promise you this is not one of those two minute phases I sometimes go through.
Plus, imagine if I WIN!!!!!!!
Then I'll REALLY be famous.
Plus, I'm sure it will score me points with John Mayer ;)
Did you say Jennifer Aniston ?
Sorry-- I don't know who that is.


Shu said...

AH! Audition!! It'll be amazing!! Well, only go on there if you're really good, hehe. If not, then, darn, I dunno. Get lessons and try out next year! O: Just don't give up on being famous <3333

High School Girl said...

are you really auditioning?
it would outrageously cool if u won!