Mar 18, 2010

and it all goes on.

"i am truly sorry about all this i envy you your ignorance i hear that it's bliss."
god. ani difranco is genius.
i've been thinking lately that the world is a ridiculously ugly, ugly place. it's cold, and heartless. it'll take everything away from you, everything you've worked so hard because it was and never will truly be yours. it's all temporary. and every once in a while something terrible will happen to you, and it's the world's way of saying "hey, just making sure you remember who you owe. don't get attached sucker." it's the world's way of stripping us of our false sense of security.

i want to make the world better for you. if you are cold, i am offering you my worn, raggedy blue comforter. it's barely big enough for me, but don't worry, we can share it. and if you're hungry, take whatever you want out of my pantry and my fridge. take enough to last you as long as you like, and when you are finished, feel free to come back for more.
and if you are lonely, or afraid, or awake in the middle of the night, take my words. i bleed when i write. i am pouring my heart and my soul into these words, so stop saying you are alone because you are not. for as long as you need to be saved, i will write. so find redemption in the truths that spill on to these dear pages. find solace in these letters that make words that make meaning, that build bridges, that close gaps, that heal hearts, that spell love.

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Nitin said...

that is the sweetest thing i have read in a really long time :)`