Jan 8, 2010

This is J, and I approve this message

I'm baaaaack, and perfectly fabulous healthy!
Now, before I begin I would like to mention that I have NOT given up on my "No Complaining" resolution. I am only making an exception because you are my very favorite people in the world because you actually take the time to read what I write, which means my ego is nearing combustion I really appreciate. And because you all are so special, this one's for you :)
I am sick and tired of school. I know, I know it's the first week back after break, but I cannot handle this. I am tired all the time. When I'm in class all I can think about is how soon I can get back to my bed. That and whether or not I've set all my shows to record while I'm gone. It's a billion degrees colder than usual here and I'm surprised I haven't died from hypothermia. It's always raining, and thus my cute winter outfits are being RUINED by all the layers I have to wear. My teachers do not realize I have a life (fine, I don't, but you're the only one who knows that) and keep assigning me massive amounts of homework which I don't even do. There are no cute guys in any of my classes. My immune system has turned to shit. I'm suffering from severe shoe lust, and I have no money! And I have to decide what I'm going to do with the rest of my life now that my mother has told me that marrying a prince and becoming fabulously wealthy a princess is not an option.
Thank you for listening! I feel better already :D


Nitin said...

well-come back maam. looks like you are getting better.. i love the rain just as much as i hate it. i think school has taken up your time again. but do get back to blogging :P.. i have been quite unstable as of now. but doing well. :D.. unstable it good right??

J. said...

haha instability is always goood!
people who are stable are boring, and who wants to be boring?