Jan 17, 2010

i can't be the only one

Fydor Dostoevsky

1) Who signs up for the email list of every cause I support (or want to support) and never opens the ten billion emails they send
2) Who realizes she is walking the wrong way in a public setting, and then keeps walking the wrong way because to turn around would make her look like an idiot
3) Promises to do her homework in the morning no matter what, and then decides not to (even though she knew she wouldn't)
4) Who gets writers lust. I can't be the only one who reads a piece of writing that is so amazing it makes me wish with all my heart that I had written it.
5) Who knows she shouldn't say something out loud, but says it anyway
6) Who has a "Things to Google" list
7)Who nods her head intelligently in class, even when I have no idea what people are talking about
8) Who looks up shoes online that I won't be able to afford anytime soon. Case in point.
9) Who thinks everyone deserves to appreciate how funny I am, so if I make a joke the first time and no one laughs, I'll assume it's because they didn't hear me, so I'll repeat it. It's not like I'll be able to hear if they laugh or not because I'll be laughing too hard
10) I can't be the only one who stays up all night, thinking about everything, mostly John Mayer and wondering what everyone else in the world does when they can't fall asleep, and the internet has gotten boring, and there are no more books to read, and the last person you texted has fallen long asleep


Nitin said...

i know what you mean -'bout the internet getting boring' but have you notices something.. sometimes.. when you are super bored and you want to keep your self occupied.. and if you start looking in the tele or the internet. you dont find a goddamn thing. but then sometimes.. all the tv channels, the town, people, newpapers, blogs start to brim with life and new enthusisiasm. and you get confused as to what to do next..

its probably something stupid.. but then the point being that there is nothing in sight when you really need it. and when you dont , its all around you.

i think you are funny. there is a sunny-ness in the way you write.. so don't fret. not every one appreciates every one. and a majority doesn't always need to have great taste or be right.. the did vote pres bush right?? twice!!!..

you should probably hang around people who appreciate you..

hey and next time you get bored check this blog out::


now tina is a 50 year old blogger from sweeden.. sweet lady.. and she does blog a lot.. lots and lots of interesting stuff.. you'd love it :).. so next time you are bored. check her blog out.. :)

J. said...

fabulous. all of it.
thank you for the lovely comment, and the link (: