Mar 5, 2009

Fast forward

Sometimes I talk about unimportant things.
And sometimes I talk about really important things, like John Mayer and other cute boys, clothes, and most important of all, American Idol. I talk about world peace, too duh, and things like Obama's healthcare plan and unemployment rates, but really, American Idol.
I'm spontaneous and impulsive, but I've always been a follower of the "Why Fix it if it's Broken" philosophy, and American Idol was definitely not broken. So why, why, why, why did they feel the need to throw my world into complete disarray and add a FOURTH judge to the show?!
Don't get me wrong, Kara Dioguardi is bee-yooo-tiful. But someone please tell me what the point of having a fourth judge is? I would understand if she had some completely radical opinions, but noooooo. All she can do is repeat what the other three judges said. Um, okay? Oh, and since I'm going to be famous one day I don't want this to start some big controversy, so disclaimer!!!! disclaimer!!! No offense intended, Kara love. I mean, you're fabulous and all, just not on American Idol.
So I really, really hope you don't mind that whenever you start to speak on the show I fast forward. And if I've already reached live TV then I mute.
Again, no offense intended.

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Shu said...


Yeah, she annoys me too x3 I don't even like American Idol anymore and even less when she's on it. You're absolutely right. She has no purpose on the show at all xDD