Sep 1, 2010

if you are going to love, love completely. anything worth doing is worth doing well

love the love that is so heavy it holds you down like a lifeline, like a paperweight.

love the love that is so fierce it causes a thousand brand new suns to rise and set inside you.

love the love that is so bright it's blinding.

love the love that's so much like home you can see your history in its eyes.

love the love that is love in love. the love that makes the angels in your gut spin in spirals. the love that brings you closer to god and heaven. the love that took you in its hand and shaped you.

love the love that is hard and unyielding as the earth.

love that is flawed. love the love that is forever.


this is inspired by Rachel McKibbens' poem last love which you can (and should!) read here

be love.


Jade said...

so beautifulll :D loved this

Jade said...

loved this so much... <3

Camelgirl said...

Simply amazing.

sanchez said...

I loved this so much

p.s. I'll email you my email yes?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! your amazing!

tegan said...

this is soo sweeeet! love your blog :)