Jul 28, 2010

i believe in magic

my imaginary friend
was an immigrant she had hair like a fairytale
and spoke only in french

she would open her mough
and doves would fly out
from between her lips
they would want to play

they would fly in circles
around my head like a halo singing
to the tune of my heavy beating heart
is there anyone in there?
they would ask

non i would answer in their language
to ashamed to admit
that i didn't know how to fly
n'ayez pas peur she would
whisper into my dreams
there is nothing to be afraid of

finally one summer night
i climbed out of my bed
and onto the window sill and waited
we flew to heaven on the bareback of a raven
it was magical

later that night as she tucked
me back into bed she asked me
if i finally believed
it was almost morning
i was drifting she shook me awake
and asked again with an urgency i didn't understand

croyez vous? croyez vous?
i knew it would be the last time i saw her
already she was fading i smiled
and tucked my wings around me before answering
yes, i believe in love

1 comment:

sanchez said...


see just then? I couldn't even explain to you how amazing that was. Like, actually, no joke. I'm so happy you're such an amazing talented writer. (cause you know, you're on wjdkky and that makes me feel somewhat special)

You inspire me. :)