Jul 29, 2010

a glimpse!

So Katherine from Sleepless Cities has tagged me! So I have to tell you what's on the floor by my bed and on my nightstand.

Well lucky for me, I cleaned my room yesterday for the first time in forever, so right now there isn't too much on the floor by my bed because it has all been conveniently relocated to underneath my bed. There are three or four gift bags from my graduation. There is a lei... I actually have no idea where I managed to pick up a lei. There is a Learn to Speak French in 30 Days that I haven't even looked at.

On my nightstand there are upwards of 20 books. I'm currently reading Rachel Mckibbens' Pink Elephant. She is amazing. An empty cup. A notebook because I get all my greatest ideas at night. to be honest the notebook's empty because I'm too lazy to roll over and write in it What I like to call "the classics" because I assume they are classics for a reason, right? And if they're boring, and sometimes I don't understand it, there must be something wrong with me, right, and I must try and try again? The poetry book my teacher has assigned for the poetry class I'm taking this summer. Every night before I go to sleep I tell myself that I will read at least one chapter and do my homework. I still haven't gotten around to it. A boycott arizona button. i would hope that's self explanatory. If not read. A half eaten granola bar. Blank note cards. An amnesty international pen.

There you have it!
I'm going camping this weekend. If mother nature takes my life, know that I loved you all :]

Be love <3


katherine said...

Thank you so muchchh for doing this! It was great! xxxx

katherine said...

Wahh Ive tried posting this like 1000 times. I swear this website hates me. But I love this post so it doesnt matter! Thank you so much for doing this!!!! <3

jamila said...

haha it was fun!

Tegan said...


i tagged you ><


tegan xo