Oct 28, 2009

take me somewhere that isn't nowhere

Take me back to kindergarten- to nap times, and barbie dolls, free snacks, and no worries.
As I sit here on this time worn couch, I wish I could go back to before the outside world came flooding in, and erased any delusions I may have had about the way things might one day be.
Reality is never as good as you picture it in your head. It's never neat or framed or pretty.
I am on the border between past and present, stuck in a grey area, doomed by own incompetency to live.
I got off the train two stops too early, and now I am nowhere. Unable to run and catch up, unable to distinguish up from down, here from there, I am afraid.
I have realized that the absence of something weighs more than its presence, silence is louder than the marching band, and who you were matters more than who you want to become.

I'm alone, she told me.
I said, sister, you're preaching to the choir.

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