May 26, 2009


I realize that I have been slacking, and I do offer you my most sincere, albeit slightly dramatic apologies. I realize now that when I created my blogger account, I had made an obligation, a promise, I had given my WORD that I would write faithfully, and I have not. I have become just another last blog post was last year kind of girl, and it hurts me. Because I am NOT that girl.
In case you haven't noticed my most recent obsession is regency. I want to wear gorgeous muslin gowns, and go to masquerades, and fall in love with a rake. Ohhh, most definitely a rake. I want to live in a time where there are Lords, and Viscounts, and Dukes. And if a man is seen alone with a woman she is compromised, and he has to marry her... and people believed in honor, and dignity, and your reputation was your worth. I want to be a debutante, and have a coming out party.
The only problem is that there are no longer respectable rakes, only manwhores, and a coming out party would be an entirely different thing.
It's so not fair! You don't understand, I belong in that time period just as surely as the sun belongs in the sky. If only I was born 200 years earlier.
We're supposedly better off now then we were in the dark ages, but I can't help mourn the things we lost, the things that were destroyed by the evils of capitalism, feminism, and democracy (he he he). Valor, and honor, and basic morals, and our fear of God, and most of all the respectable Rakes.

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