Apr 19, 2009

the information age

I am not nosey, as some people would tell you.
I am just really, really, really curious about things that concern other people.
Entirely different things.
And I just wanted to share with you something that really bugs me.
Is it me or am I saying really a lot more than usual?
I hate when there are two people next to you carrying on a very interesting conversation, and you are casually listening in, and someone starts a conversation with you.
I hate this, I hate this, I hate this!
Just when the discussion being carried on next to you is getting really (there I go again!) interesting, somebody always interrupts.
And this is what happened at 11:00 Wednesday morning in Astronomy.
Me: Pretending to be reading my textbook when I'm actually listening in on the group to my left
Someone rude: Heyyyyy J!!!! What's up?
Me: Hmmm? Oh, yeah. Leans a little to the left because they've started whispering
Someone rude: Confused expression at my rudeness. So how was your weekend?
Me: Mhhhhm. Throws pencil in direction of group. Crawls on ground to listen better... er I mean pick up pencil.
Someone rude: Racks brain at why I would possibly be mad at them. Okay. Bye.
Me: Realize that the group I have been eavesdropping on are all staring strangely at me. Hurriedly pick up pencil. Look around for Someone Rude.
The world is full of people that interrupt the conversations you are listening in on, and make you look like a jerk all at the same time.
Gosh darnitt.

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