Aug 28, 2011

touch of fame.. jk jk

I'm going to disneyland on tuesday with my family! We're also going to LA and i'm definitely hoping to rub elbows with some celebrities... i know, i know, but it's the 13 year old girl in me!

I'm just really excited to be in the city that created such gorgeous specimens as Adam Levine and John Mayer spend time with my family...

I'm currently packing. Yeah... I've kind of made a mess of things.

long time no blog... visit me on tumblr! &

here's a song:

be love<3


chambanachik said...

Just wanted to say, I've been following your Tumblr and I adore your poetry! It won't let me comment on the posts, but they're so beautiful, and I know you'll be a famous writer someday.

{ felicity } said...

That is all I have to say :)


sabine cara said...


adam levine <3 <3 <3 <3 marry me.

xxo scarzz

tegan said...

have a fabulous time! disney land is amazinggg i'm so jealous :)

cute blog


Shu said...

I need to get on Tumblr more so I can follow you. I miss you, J-dear!

Erimentha said...

hope you have a swell time! :) it sounds great! xxxx

Shu said...

I have my tumblr in my profile description, I think...

But you probably won't want to see it anyway... It's just video games, naked women, and thinspo, haha.