Feb 9, 2011

goodnight moon

if you walk outside
during the last quarter of the night
you can hear the moon slowly
forgetting the shape of the sky.

the night is not
so dramatic as it sounds

tonight there is nothing
but the night and her
deep promise.


Shu said...

I've been a mixture of social drama, academic wellness, and emotional stability. There were a few ups and downs, but I've found out how to counter them with my awesome, hehe.

I just realized that I have a little more power than I previously thought to shape my own destiny. So much more, so, that I'm not quite sure what to do with it all...

You are well?

sanchez said...

you always have such a strong and amazing way with words.

Jade said...

this is beautiful :) amazing
...my 100th post is coming up, and it would be amazing if i had everyone comment and read it :) if there's anything you'd like for me to post, i could use all the help i can get. thanks!