Dec 22, 2010

sweet things

... I found myself drifting back to the morning Leo told me that my face was his favorite in the world. He said it just like that, utterly matter-of-factly and unsentimentally over coffee. I was wearing no makeup, my hair pulled back in a ponytail, sun from his living room window streaming in my eyes. But I believed him. I could tell he meant it.

"Thank you," I said, blushing, thinking that his face was by far my favorite, too. I wondered if this, more than anything else, is a sign of true love.
Then he said, "I will never get tired of looking at you... Never."

love the one you're with, emily giffin.

books have ruined me for real life. no real man will ever compare.


sanchez said...

My gosh. I agree. I recently read the great gatsby.
its the only love I know now.
and has ruined the idea of any other kind.

Sofia said...

There will be someone. And you can't compare love to someone else's version. That's like saying everyone is the same.

Beautiful post, and the passage seemed nice.

*Brookie* said...

There will be a man. And if there isn't, then it's their loss. But I agree with Sofia, you cant compare love to someone elses version, then it's like saying that everyone is the same. But you dream....and I'm sure that some of it will come true.

Sorry I couldn't really inspire you..... I'm not a really "wisdom" person :p thank you for the comment on my blog!!

jamila said...

haha sanchez, i was never a big fan of gatsby for some reason.

sofia & brooke, thank you for the comments... however, i was being slightly sarcastic, apparently that didn't come across in my post! whoops!

Sid said...

Shit. Totally cried after I read that.