Oct 7, 2010

the edge is the end

i don't know where it is we are going, all i know is that we are headed there too fast, that we will arrive there far too soon.
we will arrive in the winter a long time from now. the trees will rattle like a thousand angry skeletons.
we will wait while the end of the world creeps up on us. it will lick at our ankles with it's dark tongue.
it will whisper: you have been running the wrong way. you should have followed the north star. it would have led you backwards into your mother's body.


katherine said...

This is amazing. Words cannot even describe what i felt as I read that. Amazing. Wow.

Jade said...

oh my god, this is amazing. i love when you say "thousands of angry skeletons". i love that analogy. when you talk about chasing us back, it gave me the chills. that was incredible :)

Erimentha said...

you are such a good writer. i am in love with your words!

Sam said...