Jun 13, 2010

happy summer.

it's already a well established fact that when i am feeling lazy (which is most of the time hardly ever) I make lists. So because I am a firm believer in the mantra Why Fix If it Ain't Broke (which I think might have been said by Confucius...), here is a list:

Things I Will (try to) Do This Summer & Goals I Will (probably not) Accomplish:

1) I will drink more water. Apparently it is beneficial for you. Who doesn't want clear skin?
2) I will read as much as humanely possible. The classics, too. They're classics for a reason, right?
3) I will exercise in whichever manner I see fit. Like intense shopping sprees, writing by hand... and so on and so forth
4) I will not plan on writing a book. I've said I would write a book for the past two summers, and there is only so much failure a girl can take. I will, however, write and write well.
5) I will teach myself Spanish. I am a quick learner (I think.)
6) I will get over Chuck Bass. The last time I saw him he was shot, and I am young. I cannot pine for someone in a coma.
7) I will buy a guitar. And teach myself how to play it.
8) I will catch up on all the sleep I've missed this school year. If this entails taking naps in the afternoon, and sleeping in until mid day, so be it.
9) I will buy an entirely new wardrobe for University. Hm.. what exactly does a criminal justice major wear?
10) I will make more lists. Who doesn't love lists?

Summer is opportunity. It's new friends and new chances. Everyone is different during the summer, everything changes. And hopefully it's for the better.


catherine. said...

i love making lists.
and crossing things off them :)

sanchez said...

you're great.
lists are greaet.
there's this pretty great tag too.

so I tagged you.

(How good was that for a comment?)

Zmaga said...

Number 6 is so xDDD
And I'm for number 7, I always tell myself I'll do that.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope I will be back soon!